VR Demos


This is a collection of Virtual Reality demos I have worked so far.

They are mostly made entirely by me, except for 3D Models,sounds and UI Elements.

Feel free to ask if there is something that catches your attention.


Title: VRPocalypse

Client: Artefacto Estudio

Cool Facts:

  • Works using a razer hydra as a controller to point and shoot.
  • Some zombies charge at you with passionate hate.


Title: MAN VR Tour

Client:  Enso Media

Cool Facts:

  • The demo was inside a real truck with the same proportions as the VR experience.
  • Presented at a transportation expo in Guadalajara Mexico.


Title: Space Demo

Client: Xmark Labs, LLC


  • Works with a custom external positional tracking device.
  • Its working in 3 different versions (Cardboard, Oculus and GearVR)
  • Runs on around 60 frames on Android.

Extra Credits: Andre Kirk – Textures, Tony Stutterheim – Flight path animation.

Title: Shooting Gallery

Client: Xmark Labs, LLC

Cool Facts: 

  • Positional tracking its necessary to beat the game.
  • Also runs around 60 frames on Android.

TItle: Scania bus tutorial.

Client: Enso Media

Cool Facts:

  • It works together with an external touchscreen panel that rates your driving skills.
  • Had a version with indications and without to test candidates.