Virtual Shoe Fitting



What is it?

Its a prototype for an advertising campaign forthe company Görtz in Hamburg Germany.

The prototype consist allowing the users to try on  a virtual shoe when they enter the system and after that there are a couple of functions like sharing a photo or showing extra info about the shoe.


What did I do?

The application used 3 kinects, 2 for tracking the feet and 1 for tracking the user movements, it was all made in OpenGL, OpenNI, Curl and OpenFrameworks.

My work in the prototype was mainly to create the whole funcionallity of the application except for the feet tracking.

More Specifically:

  • Read users movements to control de Interface.
  • Control the flow and create the content of the application.
  • Create a Tween class to animate images.
  • Upload a image to a facebook page using Curl.


How did I do it?

To read the users movement, instead of gestures,I calculated the centroid of the point cloud of a user and surrounded this user using key hitboxes that when they are touched they react over time.

To load images on the screen I used openFrameworks.

The tween class was heavily based on iTween for Unity, and holded a similar functionality but will less options due to the fact that they were not needed for this project. The class had different styles of FadeIn/FadeOut, callbacks and some more gimmicks.

For the facebook upload it was necesary to create a non-expiring token for publishing, I promise  I will get im more detail in a future tutorial.

What was the hardest challenge in this project?

Making everything optimized to run at realtime.

Since the foot tracking was a very expensive process it was really necesary to make the interface consume very little resources, so i had to be really careful with memory leaks, and disabling things that werent needed at certain actions.