About Greak



Greak is the name of the main character and the title of our personal project.

We have worked on the project for a while now, and it has gone for several iterations before reaching its current state.

The game is an exploration platformer with some focus on combat. In this article you can find detailed information about it.


Player movement:

In our game, we had a strong focus on empowering the player to be able to do a wide variety of actions. Most of the actions will be unlocked from the start so we can focus on more advanced layouts of level design. The actions are listed as follows:


Idle/Idle Damaged- Greak has different idle states depeding on his remaining health.




Walk/Run/Sprint-  The player can move at different speeds, if you hold the left bumper, you can sprint indefinitely.




Jump/Double Jump- We decided to give the player double jump from the start to focus on more challenging levels.




Rope Climbing- You can move up and down a rope, as well as detach/attach from it and swing around.




Ledge Grab- If you get to a platform ledge Greak will automatically grab it, and if you press up the character will climb it.




Wall Slide/Jump- You can slide when in contact with a wall, and keep moving up by jumping on another.




Push / Pull : Greak is able to push and pull certain objects to move them around the level.




Block- By holding the left trigger, you can toggle Greak’s shield.




Dodge- If you are blocking, and press left or right, Greak will perform a dodge, making him invulnerable for the moment.




Swim- When in contact with water, the character will automatically swim.




Slide- At certain areas the player will be able to slide from inclined structures.




Walk on Walls- It only works in selected areas and with an item.



Aside from great freedom of movement, we give the player 2 choices for approaching combat, ranged and melee. Each one of this is very different from the other.

Melee Combat:

Focused on quick input combos, and unlocking abilities.



Standard Combo – X + X + X

Greaks basic combo, consists on 3 attacks.




Jump Slash – On the air + X

A basic attack to deal with enemies in the air.




Fall Slash – On the air + Down + X

A downwards slash, stops when it hits the ground.




Up Slash – Up + X (Works on the air too)

Counts as a jump, can be done instead of the double jump.




Charged Slash – On the Ground + Down + X (Hold)

Greak is invulnerable while charging.


On the future we are planning to add a couple of new weapons for Greak to use and add combos to be learned through the adventure.



Ranged Combat:

One of our main features is the ability for the player be able to throw different kind of orbs and use them in different scenarios.

You throw this orbs by holding and aiming using the right trigger plus the right joystick.



Stone – A regular stone, use it to hit enemies from afar.





Explosive – An explosive orb, sticks to objects and then explodes.





Ice – Explodes on contact, freezes everything it touches.





Teleport – Throw it and then teleport yourself to where the orb was.



Visual Art:

World Art:

From the start of the project we were deeply invested on making the game look as polished and detailed as we could. After several iterations we found our own style, you can check out some screen captures below.









Animations are a great part of the game appeal, and we have taken special care to make each character feel alive.

Most of our animations are hand animated and then tailored into code for each NPC, check out some examples:


IceBossGif     Greak_BannerPencil


Game flow:

Our game focuses on the player exploring different locations trying to find a way to keep going through the experience.


Most of the time we will allow the player to explore around a world map area. In this area, they will be free to go wherever they want, and will be given a final goal to progress to the next area.

The levels will have multiple interest points as well as hidden and blocked areas you will be able to come back later. This way you will have to use your world knowledge to keep going.







Final Words:

Its been quite an adventure developing this project and we have learned a lot through the road. There is still a lot of things to be done however we are more excited than ever to keep going.

The current team is organized in this manner:

Gustavo Alcala – GameDesign, Art and Sounds

Sebastian – Animation and Concept Art

Nico – Animation and Illustration

Rodrigo Fernandez (Me) – Coding and GameDesign