About Me


Hello stranger!


My  name is Rodrigo Fernández, some people call me Roy, I was born in 1991 as an aspiring Game Programmer always looking for new stuff to do.

I am currently focusing on Artificial Intelligence, however I also have a sweet spot for Shaders. Through my edevour as game dev, I have also solved a couple of other fun things that I posted as tutorials, I hope you find them useful.

I live in Mexico City and I graduated from my Bachelors Degree in Systems Engineering from ESCOM.

I am currently working as developer on Kerbal Space Program at Squad and on Greak as my personal project.

If you got anything you want to talk about  you can always send me an email, or contact me by other media.

My Info:

-Email: ql4y3r@gmail.com

-LinkedIn:  Link

-Resume: Link 

-YouTube: Link

-DotaBuff: Link


If you feel like supporting me i am currently saving up for a GDC Vault membership

Current GDC Fund: $130.00/ $495.00